Saturday, May 11, 2013

Johnson Farm.....

In February 2000, Sheldon Johnson discovered numerous dinosaur tracks preserved at the bottom of a 3-foot- thick sandstone layer overlying a mudstone layer on his farm within the St. George city limits. As reported in Survey Notes, v. 32, no. 3, because of Johnson’s public-mindedness, scien- tists from the Utah Geological Survey, University of Utah, and University of Colorado have been able to collect significant data from this important locality in the Whitmore Point Mem- ber of the Moenave Formation. Ongo- ing research has resulted in the identi- fication of a number of different track makers, fossil plants, invertebrates, fossil fish, and beautifully preserved sedimentary structures that record a shallow, saline lake and its margin during Early Jurassic time (about 200 million years ago) in southwestern Utah.

Dino Tracks

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