Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back in the land of the living.....

“Life is a relentless expulsion from where we come from and an ongoing deportation to alien realms. We are in exile and our greatest dream is to return to the lost land. It is the greatest dream because no matter how long our exile is going to last, the dream will remain. It is the greatest dream because when we finally care only for this dream, then our exile will be over.”

Ice Age Hunting Camp, Replete With Bird Bones and Tobacco, Found in Utah Desert

In the dead-flat desert of northwestern Utah, archaeologists have uncovered a scene from a distant, and more verdant, time.

Just a few centimeters below the sun-baked surface, researchers have discovered a campsite used by prehistoric hunter-gatherers 12,300 years ago — when Utah’s West Desert was lush wetland.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

We Are the Ones: The Offense of the Evil Man

A "Native American's" Account, as Recorded as Petroglyphs, of His Tribe's Migration Travels as They Followed the Mighty River and Magnificent Canyons to The Virgin River. & THE OFFENCE OF THE EVIL MAN! (And its Consequences!) The Story of a Flagrant, Native America Environmental Health Episode, as Petroglyphs, Sometime in the Distant Past, and Translated and Interpreted Here in the 21 st Century

These two stories are taken from adjoining slabs of stone containing ancient "Petroglyphs." They were recorded many centuries ago by a Native American. The first story tells about his Clan's migration travels along the Mighty River with its Magnificent Canyons, ending up on the Virgin River (in Nevada.). Then later he added a second story about a devastating health-related event that afflicted his Clan.

Monday, July 4, 2016

South Ash Creek Pt. I

the pist - ideas are bullet proof

South Ash Creek Pt. II

An Alternate Theory of Evolution

South Ash Creek Pt. III