Saturday, March 31, 2018

My Dog's a Cat - Hope & Despair

Another day another hike...

“Humanity is becoming hopeless..."

“...everyone is looking to something with internet capability for everything, heck some people have gone as far as finding someone to love through the internet, if we were to lose electricity forever, I doubt that many people would survive, because people would just be helpless, because they can't look up how to survive on their phone, and they don't even know what a book is, so they can't go and find one about survival, and if they do know, they wouldn't know how to use it because they are used to touching their screens and the book turning the pages, and when the food in stores would go bad, they wouldn't know how to fend for themselves, or how to skin animals, or find good edible plants, so we must pray that we will never lose our electronics, or humanity is doomed.”