Saturday, May 28, 2011

I was walking down the street one day, In the merry, merry month of May.....

Took a pleasant little stroll in the mountains today.......

The US Government's War on Cameras

Who will watch the watchers? In a world of ubiquitous, hand-held digital cameras, that's not an abstract philosophical question. Police everywhere are cracking down on citizens using cameras to capture breaking news and law enforcement in action.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Something to think about.....

Some people call the city a ‘concrete jungle’ — but jungles aren’t like that. Animals in jungles aren’t overcrowded. And overcrowding is the central problem of modern city life. If you want to look for crowded animals, you have to look in the zoo. And then it occurred to me: The city is not a concrete jungle — it’s a human zoo.”

Desmond Morris


Hmmmmm....with a little inspiration from this Post
and some guidance from Strange Reaction......

Frisco Ghost Town

Frisco, Utah was an old mining town in the late 1800s. At its peak, the town’s population was about 6,000 people, mostly miners and their families, and an 1879 directory lists 33 businesses with services, which included eight saloons. Today almost nothing remains but some foundations and a cemetery, but it’s the reputation of this place that led me to seek it out.

You see, Frisco was one of those old west towns like you see in the movies. The streets running though the town had more than twenty saloons, brothels, and gambling houses. It also had the reputation of being a very dangerous place to be. All kinds of crime ranging from muggings to murders happened on a daily basis. So much so, that the town hired a marshal from Nevada and told him to “clean up the town.” Legend has it that they offered to build him a new jail, but he declined saying “don’t need no new jail.” Legend also has it that he then proceeded to kill six men that same night as a warning to all the outlaws that indeed shit would not be taken. Just like in the movies.

In 1885 a cave-in of the main condemned the town. Once the collapse sealed in the biggest and most profitable mine in the area, the town began to dwindle. By the turn of the century, only a handful of businesses still remained, and by the 1920s, Frisco was a ghost town.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Sky's Gone Out

The Sky's Gone out is a tale of alienation in the modern industrialized world, that dampens the very things that give life to a soul. The world is becoming a machine, both in it's mechanical presence and the way in which we live our lives within it. Culture, nature and purpose are being replaced and it too late?

It took the rest of the night to comprehend how such a polite gathering

could have deteriorated to such a catastrophic orgy of recriminations and violence......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The stupidity of Humanity never ceases to amaze me.......

I just can not imagine what goes on in the "thinking" process of people who would take the time to hike to a place like this......

......only to do this.....

At times like this I think of the music of Bad Religion

"Modern Man"

I've got nothing to say,
I've got nothing to do,
all om my neurons are
functioning smoothly
yet still I'm a cyborg just like you,
I am one big myoma that thinks,
my planet supports only me,
I've got this one big problem: will i live forever?
I've got just a short time you see,
modern man, evolutionary betrayer,
modern man, ecosystem destroyer,
modern man, destroy yourself in shame,
modern man, pathetic example of earth's organic heritage,
when I look back and think,
when I ponder and ask "why?",
I see my ancestors spend with careless abandon,
assuming eternal supply, modern man...,
just a sample of carbon-based wastage,
just a fucking tragic epic of you and I.

The Murder of Fred Hampton

The Murder of Fred Hampton began as a film portrait of Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party, but half way through the shoot, Hampton was murdered by Chicago policeman.
In an infamous moment in Chicago history and politics, over a dozen policeman burst into Hampton’s apartment while its occupants were sleeping, killing Hampton and fellow Panther Mark Clark and brutalizing the other occupants.
Filmmakers Mike Gray and Howard Alk arrived a few hours later to shoot film footage of the crime scene that was later used to contradict news reports and police testimony.
“You can jail the revolutionary, but you can’t jail the revolution…You might murder a freedom fighter like Bobby Hunton, but you can’t murder freedom fighting.” – Fred Hampton.
Recently restored and reworked by Gray, The Murder of Fred Hampton is a chilling slice of American history.

Apathy and misinformation are the two greatest links in the chains of social slavery. They are the two greatest hindrances to social change.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A River of Waste ..........

A heart-stopping new documentary, A RIVER OF WASTE exposes a huge health and environmental scandal in our modern industrial system of meat and poultry production. Some scientists have gone so far as to call the condemned current factory farm practices as "mini Chernobyls." In the U.S. and elsewhere, the meat and poultry industry is dominated by dangerous uses of arsenic, antibiotics, growth hormones and by the dumping of massive amounts of sewage in fragile waterways and environments. The film documents the vast catastrophic impact on the environment and public health as well as focuses on the individual lives damaged and destroyed.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Alert: FBI Seeking Informants in Florida

Law enforcement exposed offering to pay informants in Florida

There were two reports this week of the FBI / police in Florida seeking informants to provide intelligence on the local animal rights movement.

Voice of the Voiceless

Testing the Limits

It’s a conflict with no resolution in sight. On one side, scientists who experiment on animals. On the other, animal rights activists who believe that no animal should ever be harmed. But how far can activists go before their right to free speech threatens the scientists and their work?

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last night I dreamt ................

"If they give you lined paper write the other way"

Pickaxe - The Cascadia Free State Story

Pickaxe documents efforts to halt logging at Warner Creek, a federally protected forest in Oregon. Following a suspicious fire in 1991 that cleared the land, Congress suspended environmental regulations to allow logging in the area. Since arson was determined to be the cause of the fire, however, environmental activists argued that allowing logging at Warner Creek would set a bad example and possibly lead to similarly motivated forest fires. What followed was an 11-month battle complete with a 79-day hunger strike and an amazing blockade of a remote mountain logging road. This inspiring documentary shows the power of direct action, determination and good leadership.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pillaging the Past

Human bones lie bleached and scattered, a ribcage stove in here, shoulder and bones over there. It looks as if a war was waged between armies of skeletons in this remote canyon south of the Arizona border. All these bones were once in the ground, but then artifact-hungry diggers came and upended the graves.........