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DUH – Blowhard

Prehistoric Rock Art Discovered In Nepal

Nepali art history will have to be revised after the recent discovery of rock paintings in Upper Mustang. Till now, the most interesting archaeological finds in Upper Mustang were sky caves containing human remains 1,500 years old, and scriptures and textiles suggesting the region’s links to the ancient Silk Road.

But recently, Fidel Devkota, an anthropologist has discovered 90 rock paintings made of red and yellow ochre that he says could rewrite the history of the people of this part of Nepal that juts into the Tibetan Plateau. The paintings of wild yaks, horses and other animals, with depictions of the crescent moon and human figures, were found on rock faces in the Kya and Ludak Valleys in the eastern part of Mustang.


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Pilling Figurines

These figurines were discovered in March, 1950, by Clarence Pilling of Price, Utah in a small side canyon of Range Creek. They have since been called in archeological circles, the “Pilling Figurines.” The rock overhang where they were found is also known as Pilling’s Cave and shelters an irregular area about 100 feet long with a maximum width of 12 feet, and contained, besides the eleven figurines on a natural shelf at the back, a ruined oval room about 10x6 which appears to have had a stone foundation and wooden superstructure, some of the poles of which showed evidence of stone tools. On the cave wall behind the room is a pictograph in white paint 3 1/2 inches high of a trapezoid-shaped figure. Other artifacts noted were a trough metate (grinding stone) and a single piece of grey pottery.

Pilling Figurines 3D

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Lard – The Power of Lard

Unknown Creatures and Strange Rituals Found in Venezuelan Petroglyphs

Archaeologists in Venezuela have discovered a massive set of petroglyphs that is being hailed as an “extraordinary” find. Researchers have known for decades that ancient cultures painted elaborate petroglyphs on the sides of rock faces overlooking powerful rapids in the Orinoco River, but the difficulty in reaching the petroglyphs has meant that archaeologists have only had glimpse, bits, and pieces to work with. In this latest study, aerial drone photography was used to completely catalogue, measure, and record these elaborate petroglyphs for the first time, and the results are breathtaking.

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