Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead

Wes Orshoski from J. Sprig on Vimeo.

Dangerous Minds

Mother villages are endowed with powers of self-protection...

...a weapon of mysterious power. Those who defy and disturb their roots without respect will suffer great misfortune which can extend to the whole of mankind.

The Frightening Discovery of the Mount Owen Claw

Nearly three decades ago, a team of archaeologists were carrying out an expedition inside a large cave system on Mount Owen in New Zealand when they stumbled across a frightening and unusual object. With little visibility in the dark cave, they wondered whether their eyes were deceiving them, as they could not fathom what lay before them—an enormous, dinosaur-like claw still intact with flesh and scaly skin. The claw was so well-preserved that it appeared to have come from something that had only died very recently.

The archaeological team eagerly retrieved the claw and took it for analysis. The results were astounding; the mysterious claw was found to be the 3,300-year-old mummified remains of an upland moa, a large prehistoric bird that had disappeared from existence centuries earlier

ancient origins

Journey - In search of the center

The Cramps - Bad Music For Bad People

“If instead of a handshake you hold out a fist for a fist bump..."

"I’ll wrap my hand around your fist like it was a circular shower handle, and toggle between hot and cold a few times. But I won’t get naked for you.”


Friday, August 28, 2015

High atop the Mesa....Pt. 1

High atop the Mesa....Pt. 2