Saturday, May 11, 2013

Don’t choose the corpses of murderers for your experiments.

You are performing an experiment. This means you don’t know what will happen. So, if you’re performing an experiment on a corpse, there is always a chance that what you’re doing could result in the corpse returning to life,possibly with super-powers.

Sure, maybe you’re just seeing what will happen when you feed an irradiated Mentos to a dead person and it seems super-unlikely that he’ll spring back to life,

but you don’t know for sure. But if they do happen to come back from the dead, they are going to murder you and everyone else in your lab, because they are murderers,

and that’s what they do. So rather than using the bodies of killers and other convicted criminals for your experiments,

why not use the bodies of nice old ladies?

That way, even if they happen to come back to life and are twisted and evil and are indestructible or something, at least you can probably outrun them.

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