Sunday, February 28, 2010

State Parks Across the Southwest Facing Closure

As Utah lawmakers look to reduce spending even more in the future, they have some state parks on a possible chopping block as they explore the idea of privatizing them. Utah boasts 45 state parks

With the first wave of state park closures set to begin this week, officials are still struggling with basic questions on how to secure the vast properties.

Park closures

The following parks are scheduled to be shuttered in a series of closures beginning Monday and ending June 3. Parks with an asterisk (*) could stay open under agreements being negotiated.

Homolovi Ruins
Lyman Lake
Riordan Mansion*
Fort Verde*
Roper Lake
Yuma State Prison*
Tubac Presidio
Alamo Lake
Lost Dutchman*
Picacho Peak
Red Rock
Tonto Natural Bridge*
Tombstone Courthouse*

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