Sunday, February 21, 2010

Atsinna Pueblo

Atsinna Pueblo was constructed in about A.D. 1275 and was occupied until about A.D. 1350. There are about 875 rooms in the pueblo and, at its peak, Atsinna may have housed more than a thousand people. Both square and round kivas are present in the complex and show the influence of several different cultures during the life of the pueblo. No one knows for certain where the occupants went, but it is believed that the nearby present-day Zuni people are probably their direct descendants.

High on the ridge of El Morro the ancestors of the Zuni people built this 80 room pueblo between 1275-1400. Atsinna means "where pictures are on the rock", which would describe the ancient petroglyphs that can be found on El Morro.First excavated in 1954 by Richard Woodbury and Zuni workmen, this round kiva was one of 15 rooms uncovered.

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