Saturday, March 14, 2015

Along the Virgin...

An old Mill...

And a couple of shitters to critique...

First up is this desert death trap

This is a port-o-potty that has been placed over a pit, I noticed that the surrounding ground was sinking a bit, Upon further investigation I discovered that moving closer would more than likely cause a cave in. I was only able to go within about ten feet of the entrance. I was not impressed with anything about this shitter.

Next up is this fine example of remote shitter architecture

This is a wooden model with the nice touch of the half moon over the door.The ground surrounding this shitter was more stable than the first one but my spirit of adventure was waning at this point.
Nothing really spectacular here.

Over all not even worth rating...but a word to the wise...avoid these shitters even if todays $2.99 lunch special at Dickey's BBQ Pit causes immediate explosive diarrhea.

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