Tuesday, December 16, 2014

“I found a missing person..."

"... and I felt like I’d just won Where’s Waldo. I didn’t tell the cops though, because I found him before he went missing.” ...or...

Bikini Babes Stage "Pro Police Protest" At Florida Golf Club

Holding signs saying "Cops are hot" and "Cops do it better" local bikini babes swarmed the "Flamingo and the Raven Golf Club" in Sundown Florida. About 100 of the hottest chicks in south Florida attended the bikini and thong protest to show their support for local law enforcement. "I love cops" said Twenty year old Desiree Jones, "I date them all the time. They make good money, they are totally ripped, tats, big in all the right places, their awesome".

Twenty two year old Jenna Jackson was of the same opinion "Those people deserved to get their asses kicked, they were breaking the law"

Jackson told reporters. "I don't care what the cops do to protect us, they risk their lives everyday and we should be supporting them, not burning down the bad part of town because of a few guys going overboard".

Club members supported the girls "This is like so awesome" said Tyler Mcgreedy-Smug. "I wish these girls would protest everyday"! "I'm going to cop one day" Mcgreedy-Smug yelled to the girls who yelled back their support and threw their phone numbers at him.

The girls plan to protest at the mall over in the black part of town next Sunday. "We want to spread our message to everyone" a peppy Desiree Jones said as she pulled the thong out of her spray tanned ass and sipped a Tab.

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