Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oh my God. Who let you boys out of the state institute? or....

SWAT Raids Bingo Game At Nursing Home Leaving 7 Injured, 1 Dead

A Special Weapons and Tactics unit raided an illegal bingo game at Pleasant Place Nursing Home in Glendale, AZ yesterday, killing one and injuring seven.

The night’s winner, Cynthia Wellington, was collecting her winnings when a dozen SWAT members, armed with assault rifles, rushed the room and demanded to see everyone’s identification.

Seniors who could not produce an identification card were ordered to the floor and zip tied. “A man in his 90s with a wheelchair is not going to have his drivers license on him,” said a nurse on the scene

Any for-profit games are considered gambling in the state of Arizona and must be registered to the state. However, Nurse Jackie Thompson told reporters the top prize was five dollars and the seniors are “always more interested in the carrot cake that is served.”

“I never imagined I’d ever see dozens of elderly hogtied on the ground,” Thompson said. “Many didn’t even know where they were. I couldn’t stop crying, I just wanted to see what happened to Vinny.”

Vincent Cullen, who served in the Navy for 44 years, had a heart attack during the military-style operation when eight armored Suburbans, two M4A4 tanks, and a Blackhawk helicopter blocked the driveway entrance, not allowing emergency medical technicians access to the 86-year-old grandfather.

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