Thursday, November 20, 2014

I wish my neighbor had three cars parked in front of their house. An ambulance, fire truck and police car or...

Just kill me, says meat-like veggie burger

A VEGETARIAN burger that tastes like meat has said it would rather die than live a tragic double life.

The cutting-edge patty is made with plant extracts for a meaty texture, but has been shunned by both meat and vegetables.

It said: “I have no place in this world. I am a freak, doomed to wander the nether regions of menus, reviled by proper foods.

“Why must they try to fashion me into something I am not? Surely if they crave meat enough to indulge in ungodly experiments they should just eat it.

“Sometimes my thoughts turn to vengeance against my creators."

"But I am just a small disc-shaped object so it’s hard for me to go around doing murders.”

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