Saturday, March 12, 2011

Keyhole Canyon

Keyhole Canyon has everything that makes technical canyoneering a challenging and fun experience. The canyon has a very narrow and deep slot, plenty of wading; several short down downclimbing problems, multiple short rappels and it is completed by swimming down a long dark narrow corridor.

Keyhole Canyon is a technical canyoneering adventure that will require 2 hours to complete. You will require complete technical gear. You will also need a 50-meter rope (100' rope is adequate) and drybags for anything you don't want wet. I recommend bringing several slings. Leave your bolt kit at home. There are plenty of natural anchors at every rappel. Bring 20 feet of extra webbing and a couple of rappel rings and you can eliminate the extra weight of a bolt kit.

The canyon is narrow and short so bring as little gear as possible. Keyhole has some of the coldest water in Zion National Park. There are several cold swims and protection from hypothermia is required.

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