Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Incident at Tower 37

Chris Perry, who worked at Pixar for many years, created an incredible animated short that aired for World Water Day. Titled The Incident at Tower 37, the film tells the story of a company that is siphoning off all the water from a pristine lake, until they figure out that they're ruining an ecosystem -- and the message comes from a rather extraordinary hero

"Humans exploit the natural world, harnessing it selfishly for their own use. Tower 37 is about the natural world fighting back... The film tells the story of one person's transition from ignorance to awareness. Tragically, it happens too late to save them. But it shows we have the capacity to understand our broader impact on the world and, ultimately, do something about it. My personal hope is that we all recognize the ticking clock and act responsibly sooner rather than later."

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