Sunday, July 9, 2017

Water Glyphs

Water glyphs are a unique type of petroglyph. They consist of a round circle with
a line beginning at one edge and extending through the opposite edge. There is
always a dot either inside or outside the circle.

- They are unique to the Arizona Strip with a range from Page AZ to Moapa
NV and from the Grand Canyon to St. George.
- They are almost always on a flat rock surface, near the edge of a precipice or
cliff, however some have been found on vertical rock faces.
- There have been over 300 water glyphs identified and mapped.
- They have been dated to be from 400 to 4000 year old.
- The directions vary over a wide range on angles.

I located four water glyphs near the top of a mesa near Rosey Canyon.

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