Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ancient Petroglyphs Are Not A “Safe Zone” From a University Geology Department

When we first came across the holes drilled in the petroglyphs (22 holes in the site), our thought was geology core sampling. It appeared professional equipment was used. Very precise holes. But we could not imagine archaeologists or geologists doing such a thing to petroglyphs that have existed for thousands of years relatively untouched. Even with that in mind, our first calls went out to county law enforcement and officials, BLM and the local Shoshone tribe. Nobody knew of any sampling going on. NO permits had been issued for such activity. Then a good friend saw the pictures and thought it looked very similar to a petroglyph theft in California. So our thoughts went in that direction.

I am currently working in this area and this explains the locals hesitance to give information on Rock art sites...

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