Monday, July 11, 2016

We Are the Ones: The Offense of the Evil Man

A "Native American's" Account, as Recorded as Petroglyphs, of His Tribe's Migration Travels as They Followed the Mighty River and Magnificent Canyons to The Virgin River. & THE OFFENCE OF THE EVIL MAN! (And its Consequences!) The Story of a Flagrant, Native America Environmental Health Episode, as Petroglyphs, Sometime in the Distant Past, and Translated and Interpreted Here in the 21 st Century

These two stories are taken from adjoining slabs of stone containing ancient "Petroglyphs." They were recorded many centuries ago by a Native American. The first story tells about his Clan's migration travels along the Mighty River with its Magnificent Canyons, ending up on the Virgin River (in Nevada.). Then later he added a second story about a devastating health-related event that afflicted his Clan.

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