Sunday, May 11, 2014

What's the matter, are you paralyzed from the neck up, or are you hurt?

Dog-Cat Species Change Now a Reality

San Francisco (STT News) 'Rover', a 2-year-old mixed breed dog in the small village of Twangings, Califonia, will soon be the first canine to undergo species surgery to become a cat. The owner recently won a lawsuit that allows animals to be what they were born to be.

"Rover came to us as a puppy but he always tried to climb trees and sharpen his toenails on household furniture. We knew right away he was special." says owner Bob Clampett.

The surgery will render Rover into a cat by way of replacing his nails with claws and later, in a much more involved operation, remove his dog hair and replace it with cat fur.

Local animal rights representative, Jane Outing, stated, "This is just one more step in allowing nature to take its course. Just because nature failed in its job to allow these animals to be what they were meant to be, doesn't mean we have to respect that mistake."

In return for Rover's change, a house cat named 'Kitty' will get his hair and the ability to bark. "That damned cat was always trying to bark and made all the neighborhood ferals nervous as hell." said owner Bill Shoe. "She's a doggone dog. No question."

The East Hillslide Animal Hospital will provide surgery for both.

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