Friday, March 16, 2012

Misery Canyon

Also known as Fat Man's Misery, Misery Canyon is a relatively short slot canyon that runs from the south side of the White Cliffs near the southeast entrance to Zion National Park into Parunuweap Canyon, the deep gorge formed by the East Fork of the Virgin River.

As its long name suggests, Misery is very narrow in places though not continuously so - the upper reaches have short, deep, enclosed passages of curvy narrows with watery potholes that in some places require rappelling to descend, separated by longer open parts.

All these narrows can easily be bypassed if desired, apart from the last stretch near the river junction, which is much deeper and protected by a 30 foot dryfall, but even this can be partially explored without ropes if entering from the lower end at river level. Overall, Misery Canyon provides an excellent hike, moderately strenuous, in a beautiful and peaceful location.

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