Monday, April 5, 2010

Arizona State Museum: The Arnold and Doris Roland Wall of Pots

Established in 1893, Arizona State Museum is the oldest and largest anthropology museum in the Southwest and is the state’s official archaeological repository. The museum’s extensive collection of Southwest Indian pottery boasts more than 20,000 pieces. There are also more than 150,000 ethnographic artifacts, 3,500 comparative vertebrate skeletons and 500 Mexican folk masks.
Wall of Pots
Visitor to the Arizona State Museum can explore The Pottery Project. The Project features the Arnold and Doris Roland Wall of Pots, the Agnese and Emil Haury Southwest Native Nations Pottery Vault and an interpretive gallery. In addition to this expansive collection of 2,000 years of Native pottery-making traditions in the Southwest, there is also a fully interactive, multi-media Virtual Vault; video interviews with archaeologists and Native potters, and hands-on experiences.

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